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The purpose of the directory is to provide our users with in depth information about respective business in the form of individual business listings and information hosting. The Company\'s Marketing & Business Development is using a selective approach in the business being included through extensive market research in what the potential clients need to enhance their advertising and promotion efforts. The respective business listings are intended to be exclusive to them in content, advertising and subsequent promotions.

  • Services

    Directory Services All offers services in all areas categorized by specialty and priority, you can participate or search for any service you want them. uae services

  • Tourism & Hospitality

    Tourism is not the person who carries a bag and travels to the country to spend several nights in a hotel and walk around between the archaeological features of the country.

  • Industry

    Factories and industrial establishments and total productive projects technically in any of the fields that you convert any of the materials to industrial products.

  • Commerce

    System or the environment that affect the business prospects of the economy or the nation-state and to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

  • It & Telecommunications

    Study, design, develop, activate, support and management of information systems are also interested in technology.

  • Agriculture & Farming

    Includes all enterprises, institutions and companies serving the area of ​​agriculture and provides agricultural products.

  • Branding and its importance

    Brand a distinctive sign which specifies certain goods or services as those produced by a person or a specific project or provided. Due out of the brand to a long time when the owners sign the letter on the artistic or utilitarian products or put "signs" on them. Over the years, evolved to such marks is governed by a system of trademark registrati..

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